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Who We Are

As an employer, Easy Step Enterprises is focused on the wellbeing of our employees, by  providing a safe, respectful environment, full of opportunity for anyone willing to embrace  our Mission and Values.

As a retail business, we sell more than solutions and comfort; we sell hope.

As members of our community, we walk beside people on their journey, regardless of their  need because we are people who love our neighbors. We believe it is always more blessed  to give than to receive.


Wholeness, alignment, consistency. It's the courage to truly see ourselves, relate to others, and to face the demands of reality. 


Having a champion's commitment to excellence. We embrace the truth of the timeless proverb: "Slack habits and sloppy work are as bad as vandalism." 
(Proverbs 18:9)

Unwavering Positivity 

Expressing joy in being a problem-solver, a collaborator in wellness, a proponent of enjoying life. In a world weary with anxiety, we choose to be messengers of hope. 

Passionate Persuasion

Believing to the core in the value of our products and services. We participate in transforming lives, achieving dreams, and realizing potential. We are the unabashed advocates for the health and well-being of our customers.

Our Values

President and Owner of Easy Step Enterprises, LLC

"I love long distance running, yet a few years ago plantar fasciitis made the pain in my feet debilitating. I could only run a mile or two.

Finally, I went into The Good Feet Store and found the answer: personally fit arch supports. I ran my first marathon that year and then because I believe in The Good Feet system so much, I bought the store.


I’m Jonathan Cotten and that’s my Good Feet Story. See for yourself with a free personalized arch support fitting at The Good Feet Store. "

Meet Our Franchisee Owner

Jonathan Cotten

About Good Feet

The Good Feet Store concept began in 1992 in Solana Beach, CA and quickly took off through television infomercials.  In 2001 the company built its own manufacturing facility in San Diego, CA where it manufactures all Good Feet branded products designed by a team of foot specialists and researchers.


Good Feet has helped millions of customers get the lives they love back through their innovative arch supports.  Today, Good Feet includes more than 120 individually owned and operated franchises throughout the world! Check out for more information. 

Easy Step Enterprises, LLC is a franchisee of The Good Feet Store and owns and operates 10 locations in the Mid-Atlantic region.

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